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Protecting our academic dreams from PP10043

"Why don't you change your goals?" -- Why do?

"Why don't you not go abroad?" -- Why not?

"Why don't you give up early?" -- Why should we?

We deny all groundless accusation against us. Our future won't be bright if we simply surrender today. We will fight for our rights and dreams, rather than sit back and complain. 

We are a group of international students and scholars from China.

We have been working hard day and night, pursuing our academic dreams, and chasing for the scientific truth.


We believe America is the place to realize our academic dreams because of its openness and inclusiveness. Each of us will never forget the moment we receive the offer letters from our dream school. Behind the letters, there are years of diligence and supports from our family.


Suddenly, our dreams are shattered, due to the Presidential Proclamation 10043 issued in May 2020 by former U.S. president Trump. The proclamation bans Chinese students who have been affiliated with or studied in certain Chinese universities from obtaining U.S. academic visas, because the students were innocently suspected of involving in military strategy.


THIS IS UNFAIR. The majority of us know nothing about military research, nor do we learn anything about military strategy. We chose to study in those universities only because they have high academic reputations and more international opportunities.


We are frustrated and disappointed, but we will never give up. Please help us protect our dreams and the academic freedom of the U.S.! Your voice and support are important! For more details, please check out our website

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